1st June 2020

Doors open for business



Hey, due to the Covid19 situation and regulations changing from day to day, from Friday (18/09/2020) Ill be wearing a mask most of the time and would ask all students to do the same is that’s ok? I can’t force this but will be safer going forward . I’m also going to make sure all touched surfaces will be sanitised each lesson. 

Like any other schooling/work place of business if you have had any contact with anyone with the virus or have symptoms please let me know and we can rearrange the lessons. I of course will do the same. 

The students safety is paramount.   

Be safe and be cool. 

Cheers Dave. 

Hopefully Opening Business Doors


After the government announcement I have decided to open my teaching doors from the 1st of June. It is obvious that there are slight changes. I’m going to stagger the students with 10 minute gaps, so students and parents don’t have to mix. Also will be cleaning all things down after each lesson and will be social distancing. Generally being careful.  My general private teaching is one to one so low risk. I completely understand if you’d like to wait longer to re start. Fingers crossed things just keep improving. Looking forward to getting back into my little music world. Also a lot of students won’t be on normal timelines and I’ll not be back full time at school so times and days are flexible. AND, please become a member on my site to get all the free music/homework/practice sheets.  Dave. 🙏🏻🎶

New Safety Teaching Measures


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